Leader of Greek Minority Party in Albania Vangelis Doules: “There is No Tsamouria”

Vangelis Doules, President of the Human Rights Union and leader of the “OMONIA” Greek Minority Party, gave an interview with a big Albanian TV station (“5 questions with Babaramo” on News24) that became the center of media attention due to his strong political opinions.

Doules referred to the bilateral relations between Albania and Greece and restated that they play a significant role in Albania becoming an EU member.

What frustrated the Albanian audience was the accusations of Mr. Doules, according to which many old Albanians apply for Greek passports stating as their birth place the indefinite geographical location “Tsamouria”. There is no administration unit called Tsamouria in Greece, he stressed.

The deliberate mistake is due to the nationalism and expanding ambitions of the  Albanian Deputies Shpëtim Idrizi and Dashamir Tahiri, who reacted badly to Doules’s public statements.

Doules was asked if Albanians from “Tsamouria” (or Chamaria) are discriminated against by Greek authorities and he replied that such issues are misguiding and that there is no such geographical location as “Tsamouria” in the Greek state after its liberation. It’s an unacceptable gimmick that does not honor Albania, he added. Between the two nations there are concrete borders as signed by the Treaty of Mutual Friendship and Co-operation between Albanian President Mperisa and his former Greek counterpart Stefanopoulos.

Doules’ answer has enraged Albanians who post inappropriate remarks on Balkanweb against Greece and the Greek minority of Albania. Threats against Doules’ life have even been posted ever since his bold statements. The racist comments have not been removed by the administrators of the biggest news portal of Albania.

The Greek Minority Party “OMONIA” published a press release condemning the hatred language and the threats against the Minority.


  1. last time i checked there was no administrative unit called “Northern Epiros” in Albania