Strong Greek Presence in the International Theatre Festival of Sarajevo

Theatrical publications, ancient Greek drama and modern plays, and most importantly, the play “Pachni” of Antonis and Konstantinos Koufalis, directed by Takis Tzamargias, were some of the artistic works that made Greek presence really strong during the 28th International Theatre Festival of Sarajevo (9-11 March 2012).

This year’s participation of Greece was highly promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to enhance the mobility of Greek artists abroad. Greek works have become very popular outside Greek borders.

The 28th Festival of Sarajevo was marked by the first organized presentation of modern Greek theater through a series of events.

Greece was invited to participate in next year’s Festival with comedy plays, and Sarajevo suggested that our country is the honored country of the 2014 festival.

There were also some significant proposals for collaborations and joint presentations for the Festivals of Montenegro and Istanbul.