BBC News Features ‘Potato Revolution’ In Greece

BBC News featured the so-called ‘potato-revolution’, the new trend in debt-plagued Greece.

“Hundreds of Greeks are queuing up to take part in what they’re calling the “potato revolution. Thousands of tonnes of potatoes are sold directly from the farmer to the consumer, cutting out the costly middleman and slashing prices by more than half”, BBC News reports.

According to the news agency, the seed of the potato movement was planted in northern Greece a few weeks ago and is proving so successful that it’s now come down to Athens, growing ever more popular as Greeks struggle with the worst recession in modern history.

“Some supermarkets have been forced to reduce their prices in response. Greeks are finding new ways, new ideas, to deal with the deepening recession, refusing to accept the status quo”, BBC News concludes.


  1. I wish the BBC would focus more on the derivatives fraud and world wide interest rate suppression rather than focus on something interesting yet minor like grocery store mark ups.
    Of course since London is the center of much of hedge fund activity and banker fraud (i.e. Bear Sterns, MF  Global, Bernie Madoff etc.) it isn’t going to happen soon.