Karpasia Bishop Christoforos Condemns Regime Of Occupied Cyprus For Prohibiting Him From Visiting Church

On Monday, the Morphou Metropolitan and Karpasia Bishop attempted to visit the church of Agios Mamas via the Agios Dometios crossing point in Nicosia.

The Bishop was not allowed to cross to the occupied areas, leading to Metropolitan’s decision not to cross either.

Morphou Metropolitan said that the illegal regime’’s action does not promote the dialogue that is currently underway between the leaders of the two communities.

Morphou Metropolitan expressed his deep disappointment and unpleasantness regarding the event, hoping that it was “a single raging act and not a specific procedure”.

Karpasia Bishop Christoforos described the illegal regime’’s act as unjustified and shameless .

He also said that this particular behavior jeopardizes the attempt that is currently underway for the restoration of Apostle Andreas Monastery in the Karpasia peninsula in the occupied areas, as well as the UN-led direct talks to reunify Cyprus.