Le Monde Newspaper Features WWII Resistance Hero Manolis Glezos

The French newspaper Le Monde featured the story of Greek Manolis Glezos. With a full page article, titled ‘The miracle of Naxos ‘ (L’oracle de Naxos), Le Monde presents the WWII Resistance Hero who climbed the Acropolis and tore down the swastika, which had been there since April 27, 1941, when Nazi forces had entered Athens.

Le Monde correspondent to Athens Alain Salles is praising Manolis Glezos and his personality, writing about his life, fights, the death sentence and his arrests.

Alain Salles also refers to unknown moments of Manolis Glezos’ life.  In 1949, General De Gaulle asked for the death sentence of Glezos not to be executed because Glezos was the first WWII Resistance Hero.

Glezos, commenting on the decision of De Gaulle, stated that the first Resistance Hero was Mathios Potagas, who at the age of 17 tried to stop a German convoy but had his head finally smashed with stones.

The article also emphasizes that near the entrance door of Glezos’ house there is a picture of his brother hanging on the wall, who was murdered by Germans at the age of 19.

Moreover, it is being emphasized that although Glezos wants Germany to pay back the loan taken from Greece during the German occupation, he is against any anti-German sentiment being revived in Greece lately.

The article finally presents the views of Manolis Glezos concerning direct democracy, that has been implemented for 12 years now in the village of Apiranthos in Naxos island, the place where Glezos was born.


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