Costas Gavras: “Stop Humiliating the Greek People”

Franco-Greek filmmaker Costas Gavras met yesterday with the French socialists MPs and asked the French politicians to hear out “a prayer to stop humiliating the Greek people, who are suffering a lot.”

“France can do much better than this” Mr. Gavras told the reporters after the meeting in the National Assembly of France was over. He pointed out that he has been living in France for almost the past 60 years but Greece continues to inspire him.

Mr. Gavras also noted that he has been listening to terrible things about Greek people who have nothing to eat, Greek parents who leave their children at school because at home there is no food.

“We cannot accept situations like this in Europe” commented the filmmaker. According to his opinion, Greece has become a country where everything can be purchased on credit sale, from aircraft to missiles, from submarines to battle tanks. “And the Greeks must pay for these, while they have no food to eat”.

The President of the Hellenic Cultural Centre in Paris, Mrs. Alexandra Mitsotaki, warned on her behalf about the danger of not realizing that behind the economic collapse lies a more grave danger of the social state falling into pieces.



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