Vassilios Alexiou, the Greek Co-Founder of ‘Less Rain’ Media Agency

Vassilios Alexiou set up Less Rain with Lars Eberle in 1997, after winning the student D&AD yellow pencil for Interactive Media.

Since then he has played an instrumental part in the conception & direction of Less Rain’s output, including the BAFTA award winning work ‘Eyes Only’, the ‘The Land of Me’ – a collection of playful learning activities that adults and children can enjoy together – as well as ‘Being Henry’, an interactive film about choices for Land Rover.

Less Rain is a creative new media agency based in London and Berlin. Founded in 1997, Less Rain has quickly established an outstanding portfolio, including work for BBC, Nike, Red Bull, Talke Logistic, Mediaconsult, Barbican, Mitsubishi, Heinze, Becks Futures, Radio FFN, Sony Playstation and Channel Fly Online.

The broader network of Less Rain consists of over thirty members, encompassing designers, programmers, illustrators, sound engineers, photographers, architects and artists.

As Creative Director at Less Rain, Vassilios is interested in engaging, rich media digital environments that encourage creativity.

“We look at how people interact with the physical world and each other and then we abstract and apply this knowledge to our software interfaces”, Alexiou states.

Before coming to the UK, Vassilios Alexiou had been working in Greece as a radio producer, and also owned his own design office. The restrictions in the Greek market made him migrate abroad.

One of the most important distinctions is that Getty Images produced a video feature about Less Rain, featuring co-founder Vassilios Alexiou. The Greek co-founder of Less Rain is now supposed to be one of the most famous multimedia people worldwide.