AKP Deputy Chairman Claims Τhousands of Greeks Wish for Turkish Citizenship

One of the Deputy Chairmen of the leading Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP), Ekrem Erdem, claimed that a Turkish citizen of Greek descent told him that some 120,000 Greeks want to apply for Turkish citizenship at the moment.

With his statement, Mr. Erdem tried to justify and support the politics conducted by the government for the past few years.

“These people used to live here, in Istanbul, and they left. Now they wish to come back here to Turkey and this is because AKP is in office. Because here all citizens are equal” said Mr. Erdem, commenting on the wish of hundreds of Greeks to receive Turkish citizenship.

In support of his claim, Mr. Erdem also noted that Turkish success in the fields of economy and the rapid development of the “Turkish miracle” in the fields of health, diplomacy and social politics “have turned Turkey into an international role model country”.