Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow Warmly Welcomes Christian Icon from Mount Athos

Within the framework of the annual religious-cultural conference organized by the Russian Orthodox Church, the Mt. Athos icon of Greece depicting the New Martyrs of Greece, Pontos, Minor Asia and Cyprus was warmly welcomed by the Orthodox Church in Moscow.

The icon was accompanied by monks from St. Dionysus Monastery and the Greek artist Ivan Masteropoulos of Greek origin, and was welcomed by representatives of the Patriarchate of Moscow and the Greek director Konstantinos Charalampidis at the airport of Moscow, who also wishes to establish a religious celebration in Moscow in honor of the New Martyrs of Greece.

Within the cultural events of the Russian Orthodox Church, the 2nd festival of church music has been initiated under the guidance of the Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.

Finally, the Chorus of St. Daniil’s Monastery and the Byzantine Chorus ‘Ergastiri Psaltikis’, under the direction of the Greek Thanasis Paivanas, performed during the festival.