Greek Male Model Petrakis is Turkish Designers’ Muse

Elias Petrakis is currently one of the most well-known and most wanted male models in global runways. With his prominence in the fashion industry having skyrocketed lately, the young model is becoming the muse for many Turkish fashion designers, who want to include him in their line-ups.

Elias Petrakis is 26-year-old who grew up in Piraeus, Athens. Born in Chania, Crete, he has been involved in sports since the age of 5 and was a swimming champion.

His manager and owner of the “Agencia” models agency, Mrs. Elena Christopoulou, speaks very favorably of the young man and is certain that he still has very much to offer to the world of fashion.

Petrakis has accidentally found himself working for fashion designers after his friends had encouraged him to try out his potential in the field.

The model is mostly known for his body pictures and claims to hold nothing against nude photography. Among others, his goal for 2012 is to participate in the Olympic Games of London.


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