Turkish University Drama Club Brings “Medea” To Europe

Turkish Sabancı University’s Drama Club SuOyuncuları will present their English-language “Medea” performance in different universities around Europe

The tour of the ancient Greek tragedy will start on January 23 in Stuttgart, Germany, where the Turkish Consul General, Mustafa Türker Ari, will hold a reception for the performers.

On January 24, the play will be staged at Viadrina University in Frankfurt an der Oder, while on January 25 it will travel to the Karlsruhe Technical University and on January 27 to the Mensa of Ulm University.

The Turkish drama club will also perform its play at different Dutch universities after the German tour is over. SuOyuncuları has already performed the tragedy in Austria.

“Medea” is a contemporary drama based on the ancient Greek tragedy, which is located in present-day Greece and Anatolia and revolves around marital issues, greed and ambition between the sexes.