Mock Greek Funeral at Vevcani Carnival in Skopje Angers Greece

The foreign ministry in Athens has issued a strong protest to the FYROM government over a mock “funeral of Greece” staged at a carnival in the city of Vevčani.

The Ambassador of Greece to Skopje, Mrs. Papadopoulou, has also reacted strongly to this incident and asked the government of Skopje to publicly denounce the latest provocations against Greece. She also emphasized that such incidents do not help the future development of bilateral relations between FYROM and Greece.

Vevcani is one of Europe’s oldest carnivals, spanning 1,400 years. It’s a carnival of irony, mocking people, companies, organizations, countries.

One of this year’s victims was Greece; The people of Vevčani paraded a coffin wrapped with a Greek flag (slightly on fire), marking the 181 years of existence, from birth to death.

The ironic pamphlet informing citizens of Greece’s passing states:

Good News

Suddenly, after a prolonged agitation we are left without our dear neighbor, the former Turkish province of (Hell-ass) (Greece, Hellas, Ellada, Yunanistan or whatever they call themselves). They were 181 years old.

Born 1830 (London Protocol) – Died 2011 (Hague)

The information pamphlet mentioned the ‘family’ who mourns the passing of Greece: The list includes: “EU, USA, Russia, Serbia, Egypt, Chatzirmakakis, Borjan Jovanovski, Vladimir Milcin, Branko Gerovski, Biljana Sekulovska and the rest …” The list included names of Macedonian ‘journalists’ bribed by Athens. Finally, the Greek flag was burned.


  1. If Greece takes this type of event seriously then why does it not respect international norms, laws and basic principles of existance as we are Macedonians and that hurst them deeply, well i say go an get a reality check you poor souls!!! And yes it is a fact that the modern so called ‘Greek’ state came about from foreign powers and that in essence it has no ties to the ancient world however when other nations draw similar allegance to their ancestry this infuriates them… now whoes the one with the problem! You are so caught up in your own political lies that you can no longer determine what is a lie and what is the truth you stupid nation! Hellas,… typical

  2. Seriously, this funeral thing just demonstrates how ridiculous you people are. To begin with, don’t deny Greece her ancient past just because you’re all pissy and deluded and don’t have one – the Greeks are the only ancient/autocthonous people left in the Balkans. The Macedonians were North-Western Greeks, but you’re idiot nation has screwed up the average, uninformed person’s perceptions of the very name Macedonia to the point that history itself weeps; because you’re thieves and nothing more than a pathetic, half-Albanianized, third-world offshoot of communist Yugoslavia. Political ties? We’re defending our history from you clowns, it’s quite simple. I hope your nation wakes up to itself soon instead of living in dreamland. Vardaska,…typical.

  3. If you can’t see the fact that this carnival is a tradition
    that extends well beyond the modern Greek nations actual existence, and you
    state that we are so mixed up and a thieves and whatever else then clearly you
    along with most of the half baffled northern Greece inhabitants clearly are the
    delusional ones. If this tradition has been going on for 1400years and you say
    that we are a construct of communists and whatever else you may think then you
    just proved how uneducated and lost you along with your sympathisers really
    are. The reality is that the modern so called Greece has no roots in ancient
    history, the slavs came and settled in your region as well as they did all over
    the balkans, the modern Balkan states really have no ties with ancients other
    than simple names of lands once grand. So if others can do it why cant we? When
    the modern Greek state was created in the 19th Century it was half
    the size it is today- FACT! It wasn’t until the battlefield was created leading
    into the 20th century with the Balkan wars over a land called
    Macedonia that once occupied and partitioned among foreign powers that not only
    Greece but other countries acquired more territory – FACT! However ask yourself
    this you in sensitive little arrogant people, there were people living on these
    lands for periods before the partitioning of Macedonia, some identified
    themselves as Macedonian some Vlach, some Serbian, some Bulgarian, some Roma,
    etc.. you get my drift… it was along ethnic lines, however so simply state
    that this wasn’t so is the root of where the modern problems lie… denying
    this creates the hatred that exists so tell me who the provocative people are,
    who the trouble makers are, who are the ones that create this escalation in
    tensions.. if you cant see this then you are just as bad as the Greek
    government dynasties that have ruled in the 20th Century and even
    today that have brought Greece to her knees!

  4. What – sigh, there’s nothing you can do with the uneducated and indoctrinated. Yeah the province of Macedonia was partitioned when it was recovered from the Ottomans, but if you look at the Ottoman census data ‘Macedonians’ as an ethnic group (you) never existed. This false identity was created by the Bulgarians of that period who were in love with the whole province of Macedonia and tried to annex it to Bulgaria, with intentions of uniting all the people of the region (Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbs) indiscriminately as Macedonians; a geographical indicator, nothing more. Then Tito came in when you were part of commo Yugoslavia (FACT – I don’t think this I know this, unless you’re dump appeared in the same way the ancient Greels vanished pfft) and tried to promote this crap, adding the historical dimension by convincing you people that you were Alexander’s descendants. What a mess – I’ll never forgive you!! Then you say modern and ancient Greeks aren’t related? What – did they vanish? I’m pretty sure they remained a distinguished people until the Ottomans conquered the Byzantine empire. For 400 years they endured, and these are just the Greeks of the Greece you know today, until Europe decided to give them, as a people and as a nation, their autonomy BACK. Yeah Greece was once half its size, but the few lands finally given to them were and are their historical homelands. As for the carnival, clearly it existed before you decided to create an ethnic group based on a stupid geographical indicator – it can either be a Serbian or Bulgarian festival which you adopted (is is impossible for it to be ‘Macedonian’). Your uneducated and gullible people claim ancient Greek history when you’re Slavs who came into the area in the 6th C AD. You know what AD means? Not ancient. If I were Slavic, I’d be insulted by you arrogant and delusional people. Fine, redirect the argument to the partitioning, you can’t escape the fact that you’re claiming history you logically can’t have and that the Greeks are autocthonous to the region. You’re Skopjian dynasty (Skopje: Roman city 🙂 is the one bringing you to your knees. We’re at a point now where we can’t educate you – you’re too far gone as a nation. You think renovating that hole of a capital to promote our history will make people think you’ve got an ancient legacy? Perhaps – but you’ll never change history no matter how many airports you rename. You only have one don’t you? 


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