Russian Newspaper Pravda Predicts Greek-Turkish War in 2012

Russian newspaper Pravda projects different war scenarios around the world after analyzing geopolitical balances and fragile relations in the gloomy forecast for the year of 2012.

Known for its doomsday predictions and extreme scenarios and opinions covering themes such as conspiracies, UFOs, the hollow earth theory, etc, the newspaper advocating the Kremlin’s interests is now publicizing a new article on the coming wars of 2012 and the new world order.

Signed by Stanislav Mishin, the article is only adding to the catastrophic predictions of the Mayans for this year.

As far as Greece is concerned, Pravda foresees the fall of the coalition government within the first six months of the year through a military coup, which will serve the EU interests in the country.

Moreover, Greece will exit the Euro and return to the drachma. New alliances will be formed and Russian military bases will be installed in the country. However, before that can occur, the Greek-Cypriot-Israeli alliance will inevitably lead to a war with Turkey.

According to Pravda, Turkey will fight at three different fronts but will employ its main forces against Greece. The Turkish attack will stop at the city of Thessaloniki, while the EU and NATO will not take sides in this war. The Greek side will be reinforced by Serbian, Bulgarian and FYROM volunteers but Greece will be defeated at the end in the north.

The article notes that Turkish troops will finally enter Central Greece, but a general Kurdish uprising in East Turkey and the ongoing Israeli attacks will split Turkey into four states at the end, thus changing the borders in the broader region.


  1. biggest BS. russian news.??? really., Turks and Greeks are becoming friends, this bothers Russia, there is no reason for war,and Kurd will be crushed and Israel will never attact Turkey,

  2. This message goes to Stella Tsolakidou.
    It would useful for the readers that when you are claming other newspapers article to give us the source link in order to convince use

  3.  “Turks and Greeks are becoming friends…”
    Yeah, riiiight…’cause Turkey is such a friendly country….Anyway the article is out of place. Turkey would do its outmost to avoid any war let alone one that would involve Israel (and in consequence the US) and ofcourse FYROM would help Turkey and not Greece for reasons that should be obvious even to a child. Greece and Cyprus also are in no position (nor would we ever desire) to go to war.
    Alternatively Russia could actually invade Turkey if the Syria situation goes out of hand. Slim chance but you never know…


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