Greek Graphic Designers Behind ‘The Occupied London Times’ Paper

Two Greek paper designers Tzortzis Rallis and and Lazaros Kakoulidis are in charge of developing the look of the ‘Occupied Times of London’ newspaper.

The two Greek students have been voluntarily working for the newspaper from its very first issue in October and have managed to take the newspaper from a folded A3 publication to a 20-page weekly edition.

One week ago 2,000 copies of the OTL latest issue were distributed around the St. Pauls and Finsbury Square, where most supporters of the Occupy London movement gather.

Both Rallis and Kakoulidis studied in Greece and came to the UK to undertake Masters degrees at the London College of Communication. According to Creative, Rallis explains how the Greek recession motivated them to travel to the UK and how the editor of a not-yet-existing newspaper prompted them to volunteer their design skills.

After the initial meeting of the people who volunteered to help issue the OLT, Rallis and Kakoulidis were put in charge of creating the look of the newspaper and had to put everything together in 40 hours, so as for the first issue to be published.

Although the designers knew the newspaper had to reflect the Occupy London movement, they also proposed designing something more familiar for those people who did not necessarily belong to the movement.

According to Rallis, many protest graphics aim at sharing a message with those who already belong to a particular political movement. “Furthermore, if a movement has a specific identity and well organized communications material, then it instantly gains in weight and authority” told Rallis Creative Inspiration.

The Greek graphic designers use two different typefaces in the paper: Bastard by John Barnbrook, and PF Din Modo by Athens Parachute creative studio.


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