Teacher from Greece Fights Against Turkish-Greek Fascism

A Greek language teacher wishes to eliminate fascism between Greece and Turkey and thus offers Greek language and Turkish language courses in Thessaloniki, 2012 for groups comprised of members from both nations.

Michalis Kavouriaris, who is a Greek language teacher for 17 years, believes that he can contribute to the elimination of intolerance and fascism in both countries. Kavouriaris had a meeting at the İstanbul office of the Education Personnel Union on Thursday evening in order to discuss his ideas with everyone showing interest of them.

Kavouriaris’ idea is in an early stage, since no details regarding a quota of students or a venue for the classes are yet known. Applications are accepted on the following website of his language centre http://www.ikariancentre.com.

Michalis Kavouriaris hopes to enjoy the support of the Greek authorities when he is back to Greece from Istanbul, in order his project to contribute to prevention of fascism between Greece and Turkey.


  1. How about starting with correct understanding of the problem. Labeling this as a fight against Fascism is not correct and frankly does a disservice to the issue at hand. Fanatic nationalism would be a more appropriate way to describe this. It is an exercise in futility however because Turkey feels it can ignore international law on so many issues (Cyprus occupation, Aegean Sea harassment, Ecumenical Patriarchate persecution…the list goes on) but more importantly the Turkish people are not educated about the vast crimes against humanity that Turkey has engaged in throughout history. How can you find a common ground with people who deny genocide committed in their name?