Greek Lemons Re-Enter EU Markets

Amvrosia SA is one of the leading companies exporting Greek lemons, oranges, kiwis and clementines in Holland and Austria. Located in Greece, the company is now contemplating expanding its activities throughout Europe and including in its exports peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Domestic demand for Greek lemons has decreased due to the current economic situation in the country, which means that this season there are enough lemons for export, said Stavros Voutsinos from Amvrosia SA.

“We are hoping to export between 300-500 tones this season” stated Mr. Voutsinos.

“We used to curb imports of lemons because of their huge domestic demand” said Mr. Voutsinos, who believes that Greek lemons will be able to hold their price due to their uniqueness in flavor, juice and great fragrance, and the fact that they are on the European market for the first time in many years.