Greek Composer Argyris Kounadis Passes Away

The 87-years-old Greek composer Argyris Kounadis, one of the most eminent composers of contemporary Greek music died on Tuesday.

Argyris Kounadis was born in Constantinople, but he comes from Kefalonia. He studied piano at the Music School of Athens with Farandato, theory of music and harmony at the Greek Music School with G. A. Papaioannou, composition and conducting at the Music School of Freiberg in Germany.

He has worked at the State Orchestra of Athens and he has composed for the theater and the cinema. Later he settled in Germany and he worked as a professor at the Music School of Freiberg. Argyris Kounadis has also composed many operas, among others the “Der Gummisarg”, “Der Sandmann” and “Theresa”.

His funeral will be held in Freiburg.


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