Greek Spiros Limneos Tunes “London Occupy Movement”

Behind all impressively mass protests in London beats a Greek heart… the one of Spiros Limneos, who has been at the frontline from the very first moment organizing and spreading the message of Occupy London Movement around the globe.

“I was keeping up with the financial developments of Greece and UK and like many others was inspired by the whole Occupy Wall Street idea originated in New York. So I thought that a same kind of movement could have the same appeal here too” told 28-year-old Spiros to Greek newspaper “Ethnos tis Kiriakis”. The young man started off organizing the London movement by creating a relative Facebook page that got soon very popular.

Taking advantage both of his studies in mass media and social psychology and his experience in PR for several nongovernmental organizations, the young Greek man started “translating” the protesters’ decisions into simple messages for the average audience.

“If we really want to change things, we need to sensitize the average person. This might be more difficult to achieve within such a movement that is open to anyone and their proposals. And our main goal is to democratize the international financial system” said Mr. Limneos.

Moreover, Mr. Limneos added that the “Occupy Movement” is not representing a particular party or any specific political ideas but people from all possible social levels, who simply wish to lead a better life in the future.


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