Turks Interested in Purchasing Low-Cost Greek Yachts

There has been an increase in Turks buying Greek yachts at low prices due to Greece’s economic crisis. Over 300 people are in negotiations to purchase Greek yachts.

Marinas in Greece are full of sale announcements due to debts to banks and the inability  to pay taxes. Many yachts sales take place secretly. Greek yachts for sale are of worth 300,000 to 12,000,000 euros.

Chief Executive of BC Marin, Erdem Gurler states that sales announcements have seen a rapid increase of 60% in comparison with last year, while hundreds of seized yachts have been collected by Greek banks.

Even Financial Crime Prosecution Unit has been conducting investigations in marinas, and thus the yachts’ sales have increased. More specifically, yachts of 2010-2011 are sold at a discount of 40%-50%.


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