Albanian Inventory Violates Greek Minority Human Rights

The Albanian government is about to violate the human rights of the Greek minority in Albania during the coming inventory.

Despite the reactions of the Greek minority and the Greek government, the neighboring country has decided to change its inventory questionnaire and deter the Greek minority population from stating its nationality by imposing a penalty of 100.000 lek (700 euros) on anyone furnishing “false nationality information”.

According to “Typos tis Kyriakis”, the Hoxha regime had deliberately changed the nationality of the people of Greek ethnic origin into Albanian. Consequently, North Hepirotes, who will state Greek nationality in the inventory but are registered as Albanians by the Hoxha regime, will have to pay a penalty for stating “false nationality information”.


  1. Greece needs to keep itself out of another sovereign nations affairs. Albania is a free democratic country, which down through history has suffered much. If a part of the population have a desire to be considered Greek, then maybe the best thing for them is to emigrate to Greece. Albania is Albanian.

    The Albanian government is having a census to discover how many people live in the country. That is right and proper. It is their country after all. Greece would not take a census and seek out any who come from Albania on it. In fact, maybe they should, as we know historically that a considerable amount of land has been stolen by the Greek nation. Indeed, most of southern Greece was originally Albania.

    Greece needs to spend time resolving its current financial mess, that has led Europe into a series mess, rather than interfere in a wonderful sovereign nations affairs.

  2. Albanians are foreign occupiers of European lands.  When the US is no longer a world power Serbia can take back Kosovo, Bosnia, FYROM and North Albania.  New powers like China will remember how Albanians trained side by side with Uighars to kill Chinese and how Albanian harboured Uighar terrorists from gitmo.

    Albanians and FYROM can’t help but use the current financial situation to continue genocide and mass murder since it is part of their nature.  When the US falls Albania’s “sovereign” concerns will be removed with the backing of China, Russia and India.

  3. I dont know who you are Pete, but you are discussing an issue you have very little idea of. All the Greeks that live in Albania live their because it is their ancestral lands, and the Albanian Muslims are the invaders, and they have banned Greeks from being Greeks.   Learn your history before you embarrass yourself agian.


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