Greek-Russian Business Centre Hermes in Moscow

The Trade Association of Kavala in collaboration with Trade Associations of Serres and Chalkidiki are moving steadily to create a modern convention hall, titled Hermes in the heart of Moscow, aiming to the promotion and development of the sales of Greek products to the wide Russian market.

It is about a civil, non-profit company that aims to broaden and promote the sales of labelled Greek products to the Russian market.

Marcos Dempas, financial Inspector of the Trade Association of Kavala and member of the board of directors of Hermes commented on this new action.

More than 20 companies from Kavala, Serres and Chalkidiki have responded to the invitation of the three Trade Associations. As it has been underlined by Dempas, each company will pay 2000 euros annually, in order to maintain its own stand in the convention hall and use the facilities of administration but moreover the facilities required to secure communication with Russian purchasers.


  1. Bravo a move in the right direction, this is what the Greek people have to do. This will lead to more business and the growth of the Greek private sector and employment.

    The people have to stop relying on government jobs and take the situation into their hands, only by their hands can they move forward.

    A government job is a lazy job for those who want to take it easy and earn easy money doing very little to help the Greek state or their fellow Greeks.

    I know Greeks are hard working as they are in the private sector, just go and look at how hard they work in the factories on the farm in the restaurants and hotels.

    These are the hard workers of Greece, it is heartbreaking that these hard working people have to pay now for the incompetences of the Politicians and corrupt and lazy civil cervants.

    The Germans and the other Europeans are not the enemy, but we ourselves are our own worst enemy but we like to point the finger at everyone else in this case with our economy.


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