Greek 10-Year-Old European Youth Chess Champion

10-year-old Evgenios Ioannides won the 2011 European Youth Chess Championship in his age group. The event was hosted in the town of Albena, Bulgaria and the Greek Secreatry General of Sports, Mr. Panos Bistaxis congratulated the young boy on his excellent performance.

In his congratulating letter, Mr Bistaxis wrote: “I’d like to congratulate 10-year-old Evgenios Ioannides fro m Thessaloniki for winning the first place in this year European Youth Chess Championship. He competed against 118 chess players from 37 countries and succeeded. He is an excellent example to follow, since his discipline, eagerness and will, even if so young, helped him make his dream come true”.

Additionally, the Secretary General invited the young champion to visit him in his office so as to personally congratulate him on his effort and also play a chess game against him.


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