Danish MP Τrades Financial Support to Greece for Island of Kos

Given the poor finances of Greece, Danish extreme right-wing MP and Member of the European Parliament, Morten Messerschmidt has asked for the island of Kos as a mortgage on behalf of Greece in order for the latter to receive financial aid from his country.

His shocking proposal was made at the same time that the Danish government is to vote on a new support package for Greece.

Messerschmidt is a member of Denmark’s People’s Party and is known for his extreme political ideas. In his interview to “B.T.” tabloid newspaper, he claimed that “should Greece want to borrow money again from the EU, then his party will ask for more drastic and not quite traditional safeguard measures”.

“We understand that Greece cannot provide us with any debt guarantee in the form of money. Therefore, it could, for example, hand us over the island of Kos as a guarantee, so when Greece defaults, we will be able to retrieve our loan by collecting the island’s tourist income”, claimed Messerschmidt while providing the newspaper with some photos of his slinging a Danish flag in Kos.

According to the right-wing MP, the Greek default is a certain outcome “since no country managed to regain control over its economy with its debt being higher than 150% of GDP”.

The Danish politician’s party is known for its radical approaches and beliefs, while it is also against immigrants and the EU constitution as well.


  1. That’s neat, now Russia and America can take Denmark’s arctic claims for the money they owe.

  2. I think lack of  sun has really affected this poor fellow !    a sip of ouzo or tsipouro will bring him back to his senses  :-))