Greek Minority Protests Over Coming Inventory in Albania

During their meeting in Agioi Saranta, Albania, the Union Party of Human Rights (KEAD) and the General Board of the Greek minority organization “Omonoia” accused the Albanian government of resetting methods and practices employed during the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha.

The judgment of the country’s Constitutional Court to exclude the ethnicity statement in the coming inventory is a human right violation for the Greek minority and is contrary to the European principles and ideals.

Mr. Vangelis Doules, MP and President of KEAD told that “this judgment of the Constitutional Court to repeal the Act which allowed Albanian citizens, and especially Northern Hepirotes, to get back their ethnicity after the authorities had deliberately changed them into the Albanian one under the dictatorship of Hoxha, brings us all back memories from the communist era”.

As far as the inventory is concerned, Mr. Doules said that the General Board of “Omonoia” decided to call all Northern Hepirotes to abstain from the procedure unless the Albanian authorities respond positively to their fixed demand for a European-like inventory. At the same time, they plan on getting prepared for next spring, in order to take part in the worldwide inventory of all Greek citizens from Albania.


  1. and how about albanians from Cameria? where are their rights?  you killed them and burned them out of their homes after WW2 and stole their homes, denying their rights and existance. Greece still denies such a crime took place, so do not complain. you have stolen our homeland and do not plan to apologise, let alone compensate the affected families. so close your mouth greeks and sort out your debt problems as you owe europe billions, stop bullying and harrasing albanians because they are poorer and weaker than you


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