World’s Biggest Statue to Be Built in Cyprus

A gigantic 135-meter statue of an angel holding a dove -bigger than the Christ Statue in Brazil, the Statue of Liberty in the US and the Giant Buddha Statue in China-will be built in Cyprus.

The angel will be located at a small seashore village near Limassol and it was designed strictly based on “green construction” principles, using solar batteries with energy-saving systems, autonomous sources of energy, rainwater collection, purification systems and waste recycling facilities. All this will make it an unprecedented piece of state of the art green architecture which meets all modern requirements its creators claim.

The figure of the angel will supposedly tower over countries and continents, as if taking all people under its loving wings symbolizing unity of people of different nationality and religion. It will be located on the top-floor of a mall which will house exhibition halls, cinemas, amusement arcades, cafes and restaurants.

The statue is a part of a five-year campaign in Russia And a number of other countries. Smaller ‘Angels of the World” have been placed in 30 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, and North Korea. On September 2nd 2004 another ‘angel’ opened its wings in Beslan in memory of the 2004 horrifying terrorist attack.