Byzantium without Borders: 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies

1.200 scholars from all five continents are taking part in the 22nd international congress “Byzantium without Borders”, launched today in Sofia.

Bulgarian President, Georgi Parvanov, during his greeting address, stressed the highly topical importance of the cultural heritage of Byzantium.

The largest group of Byzantine scholars participating in the forum is comprised of 175 Greek and Cypriot researchers from universities, science academies and various centers for Byzantine studies in Europe and around the world.
As Professor Taxiarhis Kolias noted to ANA – MPA, Greeks always form the strongest groups in international Byzantine Studies’ conferences, not only in regard to number but also from a qualitative aspect.
Professor Kolias stated that the study of Byzantium is particularly important, especially in modern times, stressing that it is worth studying and getting to know the basic principles, particular traits and aspects of cohabitation of the various nationalities co-existing in Byzantium. He also referred to a tendency in “degrading” historical research and humanitarian studies, a common concern evident in lectures made at the forum in Sofia.


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