Opening Ceremony for Two New Churches in Saranda

A pleasant atmosphere prevails over the city of Saranda.  The efforts of local people and the Metropolitan bishops were not fruitless. Greeks celebrate the opening ceremony of two new churches that will host all worshipers wishing to serve God.

Under the encouragement and support of Anastasios Bishop, and the bishop living in Argurokastro, two beautiful churches are ready to enhance local people’s lives. One church is dedicated to Saint Kosmas in Livadia of Saranda and the other is located in Saranda town in honor of Saint Charalampos.

After many years of hard work, these two buildings’ construction came to an end and are open to everyone. The magnificent buildings display the patience of the locals over the years, waiting for the churches to finish.


  1. you greeks are funny am from Saranda and the whole city has 10 greeks so how the fuck
    Greeks celebrate the opening ceremony of two new churches those people were Albanian Christian orthodox’s not Greeks i was there also and am Albanian not greek!


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