Bust Unveiled in Memory of Aris Goumas

The annual memorial service for the 37-year-old Northern Epirot Aristotle Goumas was held in a highly charged atmosphere, on Sunday morning in Chimara.

Goumas was assassinated on August 12, 2010 by a group of seven Albanian nationalists. Then, in an electrifying atmosphere amid controversy in the classes of the Greek minority, a bust was unveiled of the man, who was featured as a national martyr by the Association of Chimara people and the Annex of Omonia which had the organizational initiative of the event.

The Church of Albania did not attend this event and had expressed before its disagreement about the political nature of the event and participated only in the memorial ceremony, celebrated by the Metropolitan of Argirokastro, Dimitrios. The event was also attended by Kozani MP and Head of Sector for Rural Development of New Democracy Party, George Kasapidis, and LAOS Member, Babis Karathanos, as well as Northern Epirot organizations. The Greek government was not represented in the event.


  1. It is sad that the Albanian man has lost his life in the name of
    Greece. It is pitty doing such thing for the Greeks because they are not
    nationalists but racists.  I don’t say this to upset anyone but when I
    went to Athens for holiday I was shocked in all directions; the city was
    dirty, the people were rude and unhelpful, they treated foreigners as a
    second hand!?! They have been part of EU for over 25 years but are
    still uncivilized compare to the West.

    How many albanians have died in Greece just because of your racist behavior, i.e. the football fan 

    The  Greeks have lost it completely! 

  2. You say Greeks are racists, what are Albanians? From a an ex Communist backward state, ruled by a dictator, and ex Nazi sympathiser. They were overnight the poor little European nation being picked on by it’s neighbours.

    After the collapse of the Communist regime in Albania, all the criminals in prisons were set free and pointed to go to all its neighbouring nations and cause wide spread criminal activities. I remember in the 90’s where Albanians would hail a Taxi and on the way direct the Taxi to a quiet location where the Taxi driver was robbed and also often murdered and then escape across the border to Alabania. Also many houses were robbed and their contents loaded on to  a truck and taken across the border to Albania.

    Their activities were so successful that this training broadened and enboldened them that they spread to the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Britain and other wealthy Western Nations to become one of the biggest and most dangerous Mafia groups in the world. Dealing primarily now in drugs and weapons.

    But they were very successful against Serbia, where they would intimidate and rape the Serbian women in Kosovo and other parts of southern Serbia. That the Serbians finally had enough and decided to sweep them out of Serbia by confiscating their ex Yugoslavia passports, so they started to invent and accuse Serbia of Ethnic cleansing and mass killings of ethnic Albanians. They were smart because they would collect all dead bodies from various areas including dead Serbians and then bring western journalists and point to the dead and say look what the Serbians did to us they are massacaring us.

    No. The truth is they were massacaring Christians, and all the Serbians did was trying to protect their people.

    That is why their is now investigations against the Alabanian Thaci leaders of murder and other crimes against humanity.

    But this was also a good stage set for the expansion and idea of Greater Albania, by crying and cleverly using the NATO forces to gain Kosovo. And they are still talking about a Greater Albania.