Tribute to Architect Aris Konstantinidis in Milan and Trieste

A tribute dedicated to the great architect of the post war Greece Aris Konstantinidis (1913-1993) will be organized by the Italian Center of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and the Politecnico di Milano-Dipartimento di Progettazione dell’ Architettura.

The tribute will be held in Milan in January 2012 and Trieste in February 2012, in cooperation with the Greek community of Trieste. There will be an exhibition entitled “Aris Konstantinidis: L’ Intuizione della moderinità”(Aris Konstantinidis: The intuition of modernism). The exhibition includes material of the archive of Aris Konsantinidis, architecture designs, texts, publications and photos from his life and work.

A discussion on the topic: “The Modern Architecture in Greece and the work of Aris Konstantinidis” with the participation of important personalities of the Italian and Greek Architecture and presentation of the book entitled “Aris Konstantinidis 1913-1993” published in Italian by the Electa publications will also take place. The authors of the book Paola Cofano and Demetris Konstantinidis will attend the presentation.


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