Minority Newspaper Meets with The Turkish Press Advertising Agency

In a  meeting held of the 27th of July, between minority newspaper publishers and the head of the Turkish Press Advertising Agency, Mehmet Atalay, the main issue under discussion was the recognition of the right to publish official government advertisements in minority newspapers.
The meeting, as reported by Apogevmatini Newspaper of Istanbul, was carried out in a friendly atmosphere and Mr. Atalay reiterated the Organization’s intention, to assist this portion of the Country’s press, which as he stressed forms “a bridge for friendship and understanding among the countries with which the addressed communities are connected with”.
After the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Atalay, in his statements to the Press, commented on the positive climate making a point to mention that not only the problems, but also possible solutions were discussed, stating that “minority newspapers breathe the same air as the rest of the country’s Press and experience the same problems”.
The meeting was attended by representatives from two Greek newspapers “Apogevmatini” and “IHO”, representatives from “Jamanac”, “Marmara”, “Shalom” and “Agos”,  as well as Lakis Vigas, a representative of the General Directorate for Foundations.
Apogevmatni editor, Michalis Vassiliadis, thanked Mr. Atalay on his honest efforts and underlined the fact that “until today, minority and Turkish-speaking newspapers, traveled on the same train, but in different wagons”, and that the meeting dispelled the prejudice “not wanting the Country’s entire Press side by side”.
The final solution to the issue, as it was announced will be discussed during the General Assembly of Turkey’s Press Advertising Agency on August 17th.