Jean-Luc Godard States: “We Should Pay Greece 10 Euro For Every ‘Therefore'”

The 80-year-old father of “Nouvelle Vague”, Jean-Luc Godard, has always expressed his sympathy towards ancient and modern Greece. Last year, he refused to go to Cannes for the presentation of his movie “Film Socialisme” (which will be showed in Greece starting July 14th), saying that “problems like the Greek one does not let me be with you”. A few days later he had said that “the whole world owes to Greece”.
In his interview to the newspaper “Guardian” dated July 13th, he explains his problem and gives a solution to the Greek crisis. “Greeks gave us reason and we owe them for that.  Aristotle was the one who expressed the sense of ‘therefore’. We use a million times this word, when we take our most important decisions. It is time we started paying for it.”
So he proposes that “Every time we use the word “therefore”, we will pay 10 euro to Greece and the crisis will be over in a day and Greeks will not have to sale the Parthenon to the Germans. We have the necessary technology to detect all these “therefore” on Google. We can charge through iPhone as well. Every time that Angela Merkel says to the Greeks “We lent you the money, therefore you have to pay off the interest rate” she will pay firstly for the copyright”.


  1. In april 2010  the – horribile dictu – german historian of science Leonora Seeling had published this idea in her book “5 Cent to save Greece” (
    Seeling wants that we pay for every greek word we use: mathematic, arithmetic, harmony, biology, psychology, mythology, music, philosophy etc. pp. There are such a mass of greek words in our vocabulary that greece, if we pay 5 cent for every use of a greek word, would be rescued soon.
    Seeling suggest Google to count the use of the greek words and to collect the money. This book was a sensation in the greek press in April and May 2010. It just has been translated in greek and will apear in greece in september.
    How is the silence of Mr Godard about the book of Mrs Seeling to explain? Is this Godard’s socialism? Regrettable enough. It looks like a plagiarism of ideas.

  2. They’re both saying and doing things for the same cause. A good cause. And also, Godard is one of the last geniuses of the 20th century to be alive. You should have a little more respect for him.

  3. How nice that Godard talks about German banks, but forgets their French couterpart.

    In any case, if we owe something to this Aristotle, please let him enter and pay him. What are you saying? He is out, finding a clever syllogism to avoid Greece to pay for war damages caused by his disciple Alexandre the Great, who devastated half Europe, Near East, North Africa, Iran and the North of India?

  4. It is in fact the Greeks own fault that they are where they are now close to the verge of bankruptcy. They have lived a good many years without doing what you do in a normal society, pay taxes. Just the fact that the Greeks have not just one time or two times, but it’s three times they made bankrupt under the last 100 years and it is unusually sloppy of a country’s Government. Its not what they have done before in the history that is the problem, its what they are doing today every bloody time. The demands on the other hand is to high and impossible to live up to.


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