Exhibition Contains 14 Greek Artworks, Sofia

Fourteen “anthivola” will be travelling to Sofia, Bulgaria, to be presented in “Anthivola. The holy cartoons from Choiniades”, an exhibition which will be held at the Crypt of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
The exhibition, which will be taking place within the context of the 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Sofia (22 – 27th of August), and will run from August 22nd until October 30th, 2011. The Central Archaeological Council approved their temporary export, on the grounds that their participation will promote Greek culture.
Anthivola were painted designs, with perforated borders, used by post-Byzantine icon painters to imprint the design on the surface they wished to draw on. Initially they would cover them with coal powder that would go through the holes to imprint the pattern. Then they would carve the design, using a sharp tool for better results.
Chionades village in Epirus was well known for its icon artists, who, during the 18th and 19th century, disseminated the art of religious painting in Greece and the Balkans.


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