Ancient Greek Coins Found in Sozopol, Bulgaria

Ancient Greek bronze coins with the head of Apollo on them, that date between the 4th and 3rd century BC, were found in Sozopol, Bulgaria. According to Sofia’s English-language informational website Novinite, the discovery was made during excavations on the hill of Agia Marina, near Sozopol, located about 30 km. south of Burgas on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The coins bear on the one side the head of Apollo and on the other, the God sitting on a navel (omphalos). The Hellenistic coins were found in ancient remains of a 4th-3rd century BC villa, located outside the city of Apollonia, as Sozopol was called in ancient times. The building is the first ancient structure found outside the city.

The excavations on the hill of Agia Marina, started in 2010 as part of a French-Bulgarian program called ”Apollonia-Pont-Euxin” (Apollonia-Black Sea) aiming to create a map that will include all archaeological sites of the area.

Head of excavations is the French archaeologist Alexander Bearlice from the University of Aix-Marseille, Kristina Panayotova from the Bulgarian National Institute of Archaeology, Martin Gyuzelev and Dimitar Nedev from the Archaeological Museum in Sozopol.


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