Greek Professor Completes Groundbreaking Research on Infographics

Dr. Apostolos Papapostolou explaining infographics and their impact

An innovatine research on Infographics and their effect on information was presented by Dr. Apostolos Papapostolou at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. His groundbreaking talk was received with much enthusiasm and interest.

Dr. Papapostolou, a graphics professor at Athens Technological University (TEI), completed his 4 year long research titled “Socio-Economic and Informative Dimension of Acceptance and Effect of InfoGraphics”.  His thesis refers to problems of graphic formation and applied graphic art, which should interpret as accurately as possible the disparity of a text.

A question of great interest-which was answered by the Greek professor-had to do with the fear for the graphics of being something monotonous. For instance, how someone can create innovative pages, if the same style, the same symbols and the same structure is used in a text.

The professor, an expert in his field, referred to the significant role of InfoGraphics in our time during his lecture.

In his thesis he explains how users and readers react to informational graphics and how the visual elements affect their psychology. He shows if users prefer this visual media in comparison to the rest of the traditional media. According to Dr. Papapostolou, InfoGraphics gives the opportunity for valid information and does not leave any space for misinformation.

His research will be published in the near future and is expected to affect the way Infographics are presented in print and online.