Greek Schools Face Closure in Albania

The Greek Minority in Albania is opposed to the intentions of the Ministry of Education in Greece to shut down the Greek school “Homer” in Koritsa and the Greek school in Chimara. For the last decade “Homer” has educated not only Greek children, but also Albanian students, who wish to have a solid education. Now, it faces difficulties because the Ministry of Education in Greece has given as the excuse of the financial crisis as the reason for not carrying on the funding which covers  the school’s functional costs. In this case, no one can be sure that the school is going to function this September. The Organization for the Dissemination of the Greek Language (O.D.G.L) will try to stop this action by all means possible.

The school in Chimara faces the same funding problems. The teachers and employees of the school have not been paid yet. If this situation goes on, the results would be a disaster for the Greek minority there. These schools are the symbols of dissemination for the Greek language and culture.



  1. what about Albanian school in greece does greece care about that. there are lots of albanian minority in thesprotia in yannina there are no schoolls there for albanian people there were not allowed to speak freely their native leanguage in order to assimilate them  does greece know that.greece should respect the rights of minority in their soil before asking another country .yannina once was the capital of Abania that’s why greece is worried about

  2. euro zone should not pay for Greek school in Albania. Greek goverment for years give 500 euro a month for every Albanian that going to claims themselves ((Greek orthodox minority ))where do the  Greeks  faint the money to pay for that, maybe the answer is, euro zone sekond bailout for Greece how much ufaaaa,120 billion euro??????

  3. god is great greece will pay for it has done too my people pain suffering  remmber karma long live albania and its border that where stole from euro god will punish u also europ

  4. sure greeks invented everything   stealing albanian history culture our dance which u greeks never had coustumes we have the profff we gave u greeks a country and thiss is how you thank us

  5. my cousin took money from the greeks to say he was a greek minority in albania…he 100% albanian and is an albanian patriot, but financially hes struggling so he took the money from the greeks. My question is, where did the greeks get all this money to throw around?


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