“From Greece, This is Thessaloniki” Radio Broadcasted in Spain

The smell of the Jewish dishes, the sounds of Sephardic songs, the daily routine of the neighborhoods of Thessaloniki, but also the memories of the Holocaust and the survival effort, are revived through the narrations of the city’s Jews.  The narration was broadcasted on the radio show of Angela Maria Arbeláez “From Greece, This is Thessaloniki”, which is broadcast by the Spanish “Radio Sefarad”. The show is broadcast in three languages, Spanish, Greek and Ladino (the language spoken by Sephardi Jews, when they arrived in Greece after 1492).

The aim of the show is the localization, the collection, the rescue and the spread of Greek Hebraism’s history and culture with an emphasis on the Sephardic culture of Thessaloniki. The show lasts 30 minutes and it is presented with the support of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki, as well as the rest of Greece. They also discuss current issues of the Greek Jewish communities and other cultural issues. It should be mentioned that “Radio Sefarad” is a radio channel of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, which has its own site on the internet and which is funded by the Spanish government, by public foundations and individual sponsors. Angela Maria Arbeláez presented her research for the oral Sephardic tradition during a meeting  yesterday at the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, it included the newest surveys regarding the Jewish communities of Thessaloniki.