Audiovisual Installation “Choes” Travels to St. Theodoros, Rome

After Thessaloniki, the audiovisual installation “Choes” by Eleni Fotiadou, was transferred to Italy, to be presented to the audience of the Italian capital.  It will be presented at the special space of the crypt of Saint Theodoros Greek-Orthodox church. The artist presents excerpts of reality, “filtered” through her personal sensibility: persons and photos which are presented at the dark space of the crypt, in open dialogue and inspired by a hymeneal of Latin poet Catullus. It is the past that comes back, brings emotions, and awakes memories and senses.

Ambassador of Greece in Rome, Michalis Kambanis, underlined that: “The aegis that was granted to the exhibition by the municipalities of Rome and Thessaloniki, is a great chance of approach and cultural cooperation. The audience of the Eternal City has the chance to come in contact with the common features of the Greek and the Italian culture, which have determined the identity of the international cultural heritage”. The Early Christian church of Saint Theodoros, next to the Roman market, in the area where it is believed that twenty centuries ago the Greek community used to live, is already a fruitful and original action.


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