Wasiliki Goutziomitros Presents Τravel Show on Swiss SF1 Channel

Wasiliki Goutziomitros

A very interesting travel series is presented on Switzerland’s SF1 TV channel. Journalist Wasiliki Goutziomitros is constantly “on the way”, like the title of her show: Unterwegs. From Greece to Brazil and from New Zealand to Costa Rica, Wasiliki makes us feel as if the viewer is there. With her unique smile and enthusiasm, she transmits her feelings and the experiences of a traveler. Apart from the pleasant atmosphere of the show, one can feel that Wasiliki looks deep inside the soul of each place she visits that she presents to her audience. Being a political sciences graduate of Zurich University and a journalism graduate from Maximilian University of Munich, she has the knowledge but also the talent to search for something more and different. The problem is that none of the Greek channels broadcasts her travel series.  The show is in German, but she could easily add subtitles even by herself, as her Greek is as fluent as her German!
(source: cartesius.tv)