Swiss Magazine “ΝΖΖ” Profiles Thessaloniki

On Sunday, Swiss magazine of Zurich “NZZ” featured comprehensively Thessaloniki as an ideal tourist destination. In his article, journalist Joachim Schirmacher states that Thessaloniki “had been sleeping” all this time, but people hope that the newly elected Mayor will “give a boost” to the city again.

In addition, it is said that Thessaloniki with its long history has been turned into a cosmopolitan city and with its 100.000 students it bustles with life. Travel guide “Lonely Planet” counts Thessaloniki among the five best cities for entertainment in the world.

The journalist personally suggests to visitors to stroll around the city and enjoy sightseeing. Last but not least, he suggests other destinations in and out of Thessaloniki, interesting cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels in the heart of the city.