Parthenon Photo Exhibition Profiled in “Ellada” Greek-Russian Magazine

A special feature in the Russian magazine “Ellada” (Greece), which is published in Moscow, was dedicated to the “Marbles” photo exhibition and its creator Mr. Apostolos Papapostolou. The above mentioned magazine is the only printed medium in Russia specialized in topics related to Greece and Cyprus.
The article outlines the profile and work of Mr. Papapostolou, who is a professor in the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens.  It describes how art and technology are his big loves, and actually a motivation for a remarkable photographic approach of the Parthenon marbles.
The magazine points out: “The photos of Mr. Papapostolou were taken from a different point of view with the contribution of digital technology. Photos of the Acropolis monuments and marbles with blue sky and clouds form a perfect combination of three modern and classic elements”


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