Olympic Airways Announces Suspension of all Vienna Flights

Olympic  Airways has announced the suspension of  all flights to Vienna, starting from Sunday, the 27th of March, causing a harsh reaction from all Greeks that live in Austria. The board of the company has decided to suspend flights to other destinations including Brussels, London and from 2/5/2011, Paris.
The effect of such a decision seems huge for the tourist offices organising group trips to Greece, not only from Austria but adjacent countries that used Vienna’s airport. Subsequently, the impact on Greek tourism will be disastreous, in a time especially sensitive for the Greek economy.
According to the Greek Office of Tourism in Austria, both the Vienna-Thessaliniki and Vienna- Athens routes will be effectuated by Austrian Airlines, with one flight per day. As a result, the cost will rise to a point that will make trips to Greece unaffordable.

For many years now, Greece has been one of the first choices of Austrian tourists when choosing a holiday destination.


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