Albanians Demonstrate Against Greek Mayor of Chimara

According to an announcement by the police authorities of Avlona, in Albania, they prohibited a demonstration against the Mayor of Chimara and President of the Democratic Union of the Greek minority “Omonoia”, Vasilis Bolanos. As reported, the demonstration was prohibited because people participating didn’t have the permission to organize it. Police authorities blocked tens of cars with Albanian flags, forming a line of about a kilometer, at the point where there are the administrative boarders between Avlona and Chimara. Demonstrators, most of them coming from Doukato of Avlona, read an announcement in front of cameras where they: “condemn the efforts of the Mayor of Chimara for the hellenization of South Albania”.


  1. I believe it is important for a journalist to use the official toponyms, and not the greek versions of them.
    – Vlora – not Avlona
    – Himare- not Chimarra
    – Dukat – not Doukato

  2. patriot . greek take on the weak i dont see greek attacking turkey land because greeeks are scared 2 there is nothing in turkey in albania has alot to lose and offer dont you greeks think you are going too take that area in your dreams remmber there are albanians in kosova 3mill slav macediona 500.000 we have a bigger claaim then you greeks do what ever move you make we are behind you leftover turkogreko


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