“The Last Greek” Book Released by Aris Fioretos

“Τhe Last Greek”  is the title of the latest novel by Aris Fioretos, a  Swεdish writer of Greek origin.
The main caracter is Yannis Georgiadis, who immigrates  to Sweden , in the mid ‘60’s, after loosing  his fathers house gambling.  Although the plot is unravelled in a three years  time, the story is expanded  throughout a century. The writer somehow depicts the lifestory of his own father and grandfather.
According to Fioretos: “ I think the real hero of my book is immigration itself, the fact that people  leave their own country and make  home out of a strange land. What I wanded to point out is the different aspects  of immigration during the 20th century.”
Aris Fioretos was born in Getteborg, Sweden in 1960. He studied Literature’s History, while today is a proffesor of Literature at the University of Stocholm.


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