Theophane Wins British Title in Style Ready To Fight World’s Best

Cestus Management’s 140-to-147 pound world contender, Ashley Theophane, scored a sizzling 12 round unanimous decision victory over British Light-Welterweight Champion, ‘Lightning’ Lenny Daws, in the main event at the world famed Wembley Arena in London England. Theophane displayed superb boxing skills as he constantly kept the very offensive and game Daws off balance with hard jabs and crisp combination punching throughout the fight. The fight was shown live on Sky TV Channel Premier Sports TV and was promoted by Hennessy Sports UK.

Theophane executed a great fight plan throughout the fight and from the opening round Theophane was connecting with over-hand rights that damaged Daws’ right eye which would slowly close over the course of the fight. Throughout the fight and especially in the early rounds Theophane produced a systematic body attack that slowed Daws down and allowed Theophane to get into his rhythm and start to take over the fight.

In the second part of the fight Theophane further took command and was getting stronger where his punches were taking their toll on Daws and busting him up.

In round 9 Theophane came out blazing, mixing his shots to the head and body behind a hard double left jab that set Daws up for a booming right hand that connected to the side of Daws’ head dropping him heavily face first to the canvas. Daws got up, barely beating the referees count and was on shaky legs, the referee let the fight continue and Theophane unleashed a monstrous barrage of punches to the head and body that dropped Daws again. Daws got up and showed the heart of a champion just barely beating the referee’s count; to Daws’ credit he survived the round and was trying to put up a fight.

In the last three rounds it was all Theophane as he completely out-boxed, out-punched and out-fought Daws, deservedly winning a clear cut action packed unanimous decision to capture the coveted Lonsdale British Title. ‘Lightning’ Lenny Daws, who has previously made two successful defenses of the British Title worked hard throughout the fight to hold onto his title but in the end, Theophane just proved to be the better fighter.

The “Treasure” had this to say right after the fight, “I’ll fight any top fighter in the world, I’m ready for any of them. I finally found myself and anyone who wants to step up and fight lets do it tomorrow”. He went on to say, “I hit Lenny (Daws) with some real hard shots and dropped him twice and he still kept coming and never quit, so i want everyone to respect him for staying in the fight. I was ready to do anything to win this fight and i did. Me and my team (CESTUS) worked too hard for this and I knew I couldn’t let anyone down. This win is special and i can’t explain how proud i am that i have finally won the British Title. I want to own the Lonsdale Belt outright and i will do whatever it takes to make that happen and like i said many times I’ll fight any top fighter in the world”.

English Greek Cypriot Mike Michael, Cestus Management’s Chief Adviser, said, “We are all ecstatic and very proud of our boxer, Ashley proved again that he is a world class boxer and is ready to fight the best in the world. He showed his all round superiority in the way that he won the fight and how hard he can compete. Lenny Daws is a tough kid but Ashley’s all round boxing ability and will to win was too much for him. This win is special for all of us at Cestus as Ashley Theophane is our first British Champion”

In closing, Michael said, “I would like to thank my good friend Jimmy “ZEEK” Hartofilis for his undeniable support, Hennesey Sports and most of all the fans”.