“McGilchrist’s Greek Islands” 20 Volume Guide Book Released

Nigel McGilchrist is an art historian and the writer of a twenty volume guide book on the islands of the Aegean. Some barely inhabited, others popular tourist destinations – 70-odd in all, are charted in loving detail.

From the northern Dodecanese to the Lesser Cyclades, McGilchrist does not miss a beat, i.e., how to get to each island, where to stay, and what to eat. But it is the other components; the richly textured descriptions of the landscape and the main archaeological sites, littered with learned footnotes, that makes the series so rewarding.

According to the writer : “The islands are so different in character that there was a constant sense of adventure”.

McGilchrist  lives in solitary splendour in Italy.  He resides in a farmhouse near Orvieto, where he keeps animals and produces his own olive oil. But the opportunity to write about his beloved Greece was too good to miss.

“McGilchrist’s Greek Islands”  is published by Genius Loci Publications in twenty volumes.


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