20 Year Anniversary Event for “Omonia” Held in Dervitsani

The President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias participated at the occasion of the 20th anniversary from the establishment of the Omonoia organization.  The anniversary was celebrated yesterday in Dervitsani.  He mentioned the ability of the Greek minority organization “Omonoia” to bring the Greek element together and coordinate the militancy of citizens of Greek origins in Albania.
“For all of us Omonoia, as its name implies, was established and ‘came of age’, as the organization of all Greeks in Albania and the body that leaned over the problems of Greek minorities to protect them in an often unfriendly environment and struggled to achieve the justification of their rights”, stressed Mr. Papoulias in his message.
The 20th anniversary event of Omonoia was held at Dervitsani Cultural Center.  It was a celebration for the Greek minority, with the participation of Greek state representatives and a large number of community members. The Greek government was represented by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Greeks Abroad Demetris Dollis.
The event was attended by Omonoia President Vassilis Bolanos, KEAD President Vangelis Doules, the Ambassador of Greece in Tirana Nikolaos Pazios, Girokaster Consul Ioannis Rizopoulos, New Democracy representative Thodoris Soldatos and PASOK MP for Ioannina Michalis Pantoulas and Vaggelis Tavos, Greek origin MP for LSI.