Athina Onassis Competes in CSI Horse Race for Greece

Although her father is a French noble, Athina Onassis decided to take part in CSI horse race as a Greek athlete. CSI 2010 took place a few days ago in Geneva. Athina, granddaughter of the Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis, did not win any prize.  Yet by competing for Greece, she manifested her Greek origins and identity in an international athletic event attended by the best horsemen and horsewomen of the world.  Attendees included the daughter of the princess Carolina of Monaco.



  1. Congrats Athina for anything you can do for Greece. And I think you can do a lot in theses times of hardship. Not that you legally have to but it is the right thing to do.

  2. Who is Princess Carolina of Monaco? If you’re referring to Charlotte Casiraghi, her mother is Princess Caroline of Hanover, Heiress presumptive of Monaco, not Princess Carolina of Monaco-that person doesn’t exist. And Thierry Roussel is a conartist, not a noble, not a businessmen man, from France. He stole money from his own daughter after all.


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