Greek Foreign Ministry Condemns Stephana Burning in Albania

On Thursday a foreign ministry spokesman condemned an incident in neighbouring Albania this past week.  The incident concerns the burning of wreaths, or stephanas laid at a military cemetery in Bobostitsa where Greek servicemen who fell on the Albanian front during WWII are buried.
“This is an unacceptable incident, one that expresses circles that are unable to comprehend the new framework of relations between Greece and Albania, as well as the symbolism of the struggle against the Axis forces,” spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras said during a regular press briefing.
Asked about a bilateral agreement on the upkeep of military cemeteries, the spokesman said both Athens and Tirana have expressed their satisfaction with only the pact’s implementation now pending.
Incidents of racial hatred against native Greeks in Albania are on the rise. Three months ago, 37- year-old Aristotelis Goumas who is a member of the Greek minority in Albania, was murdered in Himara by three Albanians.  He died as a result of refusing to stop speaking Greek in his own shop.


  1. Greek Propaganda at its best. The death of Goumas was stupidity from nationalism. It was just one case, almost EVERY single Albanian is the target of oppression in Greece. Take it from me, I come from Policani, Albania, Albanians do not hate the Greeks, and the Greeks do not hate the Albanians. We are brothers over here. Leave us alone, you don’t know what goes on in our villages. It’s the 21st century, we are struggling to keep food on the table, not fight over historical rights to land. Plus many of us have mixed with one another, we are mostly Orthodox. Remember, The number of Albanians living in Greece, far exceeds the number of Greeks live in Albania.
    Stuff like this CREATES problems, it doesn’t resolve!!