Restaurant Event at Greek Embassy in Italy

Forty-five Greek restaurant owners were present at an event that was held in Italy at the Greek Embassy in Rome . Representatives of Greek cuisine expressed the need for more promotion of Greek products and an initiative which entails creating a position to have a representative that will represent Greek restaurants in Italy.

The main goal for the event was to attain further support and a closer association with traditional Greek restaurants. This is an efficient and strategic move as it is estimated that daily, four thousand Italians experiment with the recipes and flavors of Greek cuisine. Michael Cambanis who is the Ambassador of Greece in Italy, stressed that: “Greek cuisine is also a means of spreading our culture and in the past few years without a doubt, there has been a great push to international recognition of our gastronomic identity.”

This event was initiated by the Trade and Economic Affairs office of the Greek Embassy in Italy and leaders Michael Vrettakos of Rome and Emmanuel Stantzo of Milan. It was also indicated that there may be a need for the certification of Greek restaurants in Italy. This certification, with the participation of the Director of the Press Office of the Embassy, George Mamalos will be based on specific criteria including qualifications and quality of Greek products and the ability to advertise them with targeted and informative publications.

It is no coincidence that in the culinary insert in the newspaper “La Republica” Litsa Gkranelo has repeatedly expressed a particular weakness to Greek recipes.  Gkranelo references to a creative variation such as vegetarian moussaka  (mussaka vegetariano).