Ancient Tomb Discovered in Larnaca!

A 2,500 years old ancient tomb was discovered according to archaeologists in the Ormideia community of Larnaca, Cyprus.  The discovery was found during street work being conducted at the base of a hill. In the area where the tomb was found is now the location of an elementary school.

Specialists of the Department of Antiquities who searched the area drew out a female skeleton and six containers. As stated by the specialists, the tomb is carved.  It dates back to the end of the Archaic period; around 500 BC. These findings are very important to scientists because they are one of the few found in this region.

As noted by one of the scientists from the Department of Antiquities, several ambiguities that were noticed are said to be the actions of Luigi Tsensola, an Italian of the US Consul.  Tsensola conducted his searchings in a destructive matter during the 19th century. Many of the archaeological findings of Tsensola, which had not been withdrawn the proper way, are currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.


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